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Web App Development, Full-stack Web Development, React, some Angular, NodeJS, Express, KeystoneCMS, MongoDB, mLab, Heroku, Docker

 Brief: Sizzahandz had relaunched in 2017 (after the initial release in 2008) but this version (v2) was performing very poor, loading very slow and looking ugly. He needed a quick refresh in order to prevent the store from dying slowly. The first issue was with the performance, since the app was throwing more than 300 request timeouts per day. Then, a completely new interface was needed.

 Output: We had to rewrite some parts of the NodeJS backend, which had some flaws in the logic. We eliminated 99.9% of the request timeouts. The next step was to release a completely new user interface. The old version was based on Angular (v2), but for the new version we switched to ReactJS, while also improving the performance. Other modifications: Move from a Heroku container to a Docker container, upgrade ubuntu, NodeJS, keystone and other important dependencies.

The app is up and running at: http://v3-beta.crooklynclan.net. The old version may still be available at http://v2-beta.crooklynclan.net.