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Web App Development, Full-stack Web Development, PHP, jQuery, CodeIgniter

 Brief: Vitor, a successful affiliate marketer, initially approached 8MD and asked for a landing page. After that was done, he realized he could benefit from having a web app that could merge data from his clickbank account to his facebook account. On facebook, he would have data about his spendings, target customers, and on clickbank he would have data about conversions. In the end, he could easily see how profitable was a campaign, plus a lot more performance indicators.

 Output: In the end, we created a private web app, that can be used only with an account. When an account is created, the user has to enter his credentials on facebook and on clickbank.  The app has multiple views, that can be customized, enabling for data to be seen however you like. Cron jobs are put in place in order to gather data regularly. If the user likes, he can generate reports for any particular day.

The app can be previewed at https://dev.8md.online/marketingstats